Free Japanese Quizzes for Everyone (PR)

We have just launched a free Japanese quiz service with free quizzes every day at four skill levels (introductory Japanese, beginning Japanese, intermediate Japanese, and advanced Japanese).

The interactive Japanese quizzes cover a variety of Japanese and Japan-related topics, and allow Japanese students to test their skill in Japanese vocabulary, grammar, Kanji, and reading comprehension. A large number of quizzes focused on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is also included, just in time for JLPT test takers to do final study and preparation for the upcoming JLPT.

Unique Service Among Online Japanese Schools

The free daily quiz service is available to all visitors to If you register, you get more freebies, such as tracking of your individual quiz results and access to the Nihongo-Pro 24/7 video chat room. Nihongo-Pro is the first online Japanese school to make the chat service available to students and visitors alike, making for a more engaging conversation.

The quiz service is also unique among online Japanese schools. "Through services like our free quizzes, we hope to raise awareness of the value of our private Japanese lessons, and help everyone learning Japanese," Nihongo-Pro president Terry Phillips remarked.

"It's common to think of Japanese as impossibly difficult, but that simply isn't true. Success in learning Japanese comes from patience, perseverance, and practice. By spending a few minutes every day taking our free quizzes, for example, a Japanese student can make steady and definite progress in learning Japanese. A JLPT student who takes our JLPT quizzes every day for three months can accumulate hundreds of JLPT practice test questions for free . It's a simple investment of time to learn Japanese online that can pay off big."

According to Phillips, the free quiz service is just the first of several free services in Nihongo-Pro's expansion plan. Interactive games targeting Japanese learners are due to be introduced soon, and the online school is making plans for service expansion beyond private Japanese lessons.

Phillips added, "We're striving to make Nihongo-Pro the best place to learn Japanese online--whether through free services to the Japanese learning community, our private Japanese lessons, or new lesson formats we are planning. Three things set Nihongo-Pro apart from the competition: free services like the quizzes, the quality of our customized lessons, and the quality of our Japanese teachers. Because we pay our teachers much better than most online Japanese schools, our teachers in turn build better lessons."

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